An autobiographical journey of Terry Greene that gives us a taste of hope, determination, perseverance, and what it takes to book a seat at the Grammy’s. Terry Greene’s life gives us a lot more than just inspiration. The steps he took to the music industry tells us that dreams don’t come true unless you’re doing something about them.

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About the book

A little bit of courage and a great deal of determination can take you places – that’s what you’ll learn from Terry Greene’s life.

This book brings you the story of Terry Greene, a man who carried his dreams till the end. Regardless of the hurdles, this book outlines the story of a man who didn’t give up. From working at a music label to founding his own entertainment group – Terry’s 40 years of journey in the music industry gives us a peek into the ground realities of what it takes to climb up the ladder in the musical arena.

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About Author

He has worked with {joe caper,s-rip j-jams recording studio} for tony toni tone, mc hammer, sheila e, digital underground, producer {d’wayne wiggins} of tony, toni, tone, for destiny child, keyshia cole, alicia keys, producer {wayne wallace} for confunkshun, earth, wind, and fire, nada m. Walden, sheila e., stevie wonder, ray charles, {dana jon chappelle} for mariah carey, joe, clarence clemons, aretha franklin, narada m. Walde.

[bob castell-blanch] for sister sledge, stacy lattisaw, pete escovedo, sheila e, wayne wallace, narada m. Walden, {j. Dana mars} for chaka khan, colonel abrams, roberta flack, brand nubian, {lilian white} from the dream girls cast, and sesame street {rosie gaines} from the artist prince, {brenda vaugh & the brenda vaugh band} {nada m. Walden} producer for aretha franklin, whitney houston, mariah carey, temtations, stevie wonder.

- Author Terry Greene
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